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I am the high school science teacher at Fall River. I love science and have since I was a little kid. Biology and chemistry are my favorite subjects because they form the basis of other science types like environmental. I live in Madison Wi with my husband and two children. We spend most of our days outside playing at parks, hiking, and exploring the town. 

Advanced Placement Chemistry
Anatomy and Physiology
Biology II
Environmental Issues
Physical Science


Fall River Science

Mrs. Woestman

Required Student Conduct

Be respectful- of your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

Be prepared for class each day.

This is science class, you must be working on science.

Laboratory safety rules must be followed at all time.

Grading Policy

Formative- in class and daily work (20%) includes all homework and minor projects/quizzes; these should be seen as opportunities to learn and expand student knowledge. As these are learning opportunities, any assignment in this category can be re-done for full credit.

Summative Assessments (80%) will be a mixture of projects, lab practical and written tests. These will be where the majority of student’s learning is determined. Students will be given an opportunity to redo the standard assessment if their level is below their expectations In order for a student to redo an assessment, the student will need to come in for a meeting with me. In this meeting we will discuss weaknesses brought out in the original assessment and how best we can avoid the same future mistakes. This may mean additional practice problems are assigned or corrections should be made on already done assessments.

Semester Test/Project (10% of semester grade) will be given at the end of each semester. This can be a project or a test depending on the subject and content matter. The test or project will be cumulative and connect all ideas presented within the semester. This grade should be a reflection of how well you have learned the semester’s course material.

Late Work/Corrections Policy

Late work will be accepted up to one week before the end of the quarter.

Corrections to assignments/assessments can be done for full credit. However, all of the problems must be corrected, not just some of them.

All student re-dos must be turned in by no later than one week before the end of the quarter.

Last chance dates- Turned in by 8am on the day of

First Quarter: October 27th Third Quarter: March 16th

Second Quarter: January 11th Fourth Quarter: June 30th

Passes and Tardies

For each quarter, you will get three passes (locker, bathroom, etc.) These passes do not roll over. After you use your three passes, you are out and don’t get any more.

I expect all students to be in the classroom when the bell rings. If you are tardy three times, you will have a detention with me before or after school. If you are tardy four or more times, the infraction will be handled with the office.

Some Final Thoughts
I do not give grades, you earn them.

You are responsible for finding out what you missed in the event of an absence. I will not find you.

I am a teacher for many reasons but most importantly, I believe in you and your classmates. You have the potential to accomplish many great things. You just have to work for them; I am here to assist you. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or stop by before or after school (7:30 – 4:00).

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I look forward to working with all of you!

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