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Some Presents Difficult To Find


          Upon walking down the now festive streets and browsing through the stores of local merchants, one gets the impression that every Christmas present imaginable can be found. There are however two presents, both having great educational significance, which have been more difficult if not impossible to obtain.


          The first gift is a “Thought Adjuster.” This is a hat like device which, when placed on the head of a child, will transform the child into an adult.


          This could prove to be an interesting experience for many young people. They might realize that people over the age of 21 do not have an organized conspiracy of making life miserable for youth. They would learn that parents really do have their children’s “best interest in mind” and that teachers pursued the education profession for higher ideals than “to get even with kids.”


          By wearing a “Thought Adjuster” children would have access to insights of their own life, in the not so distant future, when their formal education is completed and parents offer advice rather than issue mandates.


          The children who put forth a sincere effort to meet their academic and individual responsibilities might appreciate how this behavior will benefit them in their adult life.


          The children who have always taken a “get by with as little as possible” attitude (also known as the conversation of cerebral energy approach to education) will realize the consequences of such a viewpoint. Like Scrooge, such children will be so frightened of their future prospects that they make a decision to change their outlook on life and the importance of meeting their responsibilities.


          The second present I seek is “Shrinking Shoes”, which are meant to be worn by adults. Upon putting on the shoes the recipient begins to shrink until he/she is of the same physical, mental, and emotional stage as the child who gave the gift.


          How much most adults have conveniently forgotten about being a kid. From the view point of a child we might have renewed insight and understanding of how to lead them, motivate them, and express our concern and love for them.


          As expected these gifts have been difficult to find. Therefore parents and educators have to resort to a more conventional gift. We must continually reinforce to children the immense value of an education and the need for them to be responsible and productive individuals. At the same time we must be patient with the shortcomings of children, empathic of their needs, and supportive of their goals.


          As a side note, I want to wish each of you a warm holiday greetings. I am honored to be the Interim District Administrator for the Fall River School District. I look forward to meeting the wonderful people of the Fall River Community in the near future.


Dennis Raabe

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