Gifted and talented students will be identified through a District process for determining students in need of intervention. Parents, as well as students themselves, may contact a principal or counselor to request a review of the student’s needs.

A combination of assessment data, anecdotal evidence, and/or other evidence such as products, portfolios, and demonstrated performance will be used to document a student’s gifts in any or all of the following three general areas: academics, leadership, and creativity.

Students may demonstrate academic giftedness as follows:

  • Learns rapidly in comparison to peers

  • Draws inferences between content areas

  • Demonstrates independent, flexible, original thinking

  • Has an intense interest in a specific academic area

  • Knows intuitively before being taught.

  • Asks challenging questions

Students may demonstrate leadership giftedness as follows:

  • Takes an active role in decision-making

  • Express self and/or facilitates groups with confidence

  • Foresees consequences and implication of decision

  • Designs, implements, and evaluates a plan

  • Is sought out by others to accomplish a task

  • Influences peers

Students may demonstrate creativity giftedness as follows:

  • Improvises and sees unique possibilities

  • Intrigued by creative tasks

  • Demonstrates unusual ability for aesthetic/creative expression

  • Compelled to perform or produce

  • Resists conformity

  • Is keenly observant

  • Continues experimentation with preferred medium

The identification process and tools shall be responsive to factors such as, but not limited to, students’ economic conditions, race, gender, culture, native language, developmental differences, and identified disabilities as described under sub Ch. V of Ch. 115, Wis. Stats.

Parents will be provided an opportunity to participate in the identification process of their child's learning needs and in the discussion of appropriate programming options that match those identified needs.

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