Title I Services

It is the intent of the District to help all students reach their potential and meet the District's educational goals. In an effort to help students who need support in meeting high academic standards, the School Board shall participate in the federal Title I program and abide by all legal requirements for participation in such program.


As required by federal law, the District has established and is implementing a District-wide salary schedule and shall ensure that services provided through Title I funds are at least comparable to the services provided in program areas not receiving Title I funds. The District shall ensure equivalency among grade levels in teachers, administrators, support personnel, curriculum materials and instructional supplies. Unpredictable changes in enrollment or personnel assignments that occur after the beginning of the school year need not be included as a factor in determining comparability of services. Documentation verifying compliance with this policy shall be updated annually and be available for review by the Department of Public Instruction or auditors upon request.

The District assures implementation of the following activities that take place annually through the work and oversight of the Title I teacher:

  1. Develop written policies, after consultation with and review by parents, to ensure that parents are involved in the planning, design and implementation of the Title I LEA Program. The written policies shall provide for timely response to recommendations by parents.
  2. Give standardized tests in the spring of each year to identify potential Title I students. Those students below a predetermined score will be given a needs assessment which will include a pre-test done in the Fall and a post-test done in the Spring. Qualifications for participation in the Title I program will be dependent upon the results of the needs assessment.
  3. Provide parents of participating children with reports on their children's progress.
  4. To the extent practical, conduct a parent-teacher conference with the parents of each participating child to discuss the child's progress, placement and methods the parents can use to complement the child's instruction.
  5. Make education personnel under the Title I Program readily accessible to parents.
  6. Permit parents of participating children to observe Title I Program activities.
  7. Provide opportunities for regular meetings of parents to formulate parental input into the program, if parents of participating children so desire.
  8. Provide parents of participating children with timely information about the program.
  9. Make parents aware of parental involvement requirements and other relevant provisions of the program.
  10. Coordinate, to the extent possible, parental involvement activities with programs funded under ESSA.
  11. To the extent practicable, provide information, programs and activities for parents under this section in a language and form that the parents understand.
  12. The Title I teacher shall annually assess, through consultation with parents, the effectiveness of the parental involvement program and determine what action needs to be taken, if any, to increase parental participation.

The Title I teacher will take a leadership role in providing training and professional development in the areas of reading and/or math.  Additionally, the Title I teacher will make teachers aware of the regular reading program, modified curricula, pull-out programs, and other options available for the teaching of reading.

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