Mr. Book (HS Social Studies)

Fall River Community,
As many of you already know, my name is Kevin Book.  This is my 12th year teaching at Fall River High School. I also live in Fall River with my wife and three children who also attend Fall River Schools.  My teaching schedule varies slightly year to year, but I generally teach the high school social studies courses. 
                                            Mr. Book

Contact Information
phone: 920-484-3333 ext 265

My Daily Schedule

1st World History                    8:00 - 8:44   

2nd Geography/Prep                8:47 - 9:31   

(Intervention/WIN Time)         9:34 – 10:04

3rd CSI/World History             10:07 - 10:51   

4th Geography/Government     10:54 – 11:38   

5th MASH Study Hall              11:41 – 12:25       
MS/HS Lunch
                           12:28 - 12:58   

6th World History/Geography   1:01 - 1:45   

7th U.S. History 8th                   1:48 - 2:32

8th   Prep/Geography                 2:35 – 3:19

Courses Taught:

Psychology is the study of human behavior, mental processes, and the physiological systems that interact with these elements.  This course is designed to provide a study and analysis of these various elements.  Units of study include:  Approaches to Psychology, Brain, Body & Awareness, Cognitive Processes, Human Development, Theories of Personality Development, Psychological Disorders, and Socio-Cultural Influences.  This course requires a certain level of open mindedness, objectivity, and critical thinking. It provides a broad overview of psychological processes and theories that will aid in the understanding of self and others.

World History:
This course will incorporate a traditional textbook, digital and on-line resources as well as movies and film. The main purpose of the course is to give students an opportunity to analyze the economic, political, and social developments that created the western civilization of which they are a part, as well as the foundations of Eastern culture. The Units of study include Human Beginnings, the Ancient Middle East and Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance/Reformation, Native American Civilizations and Ancient China.

World Geography:

World Geography and Cultures is designed to provide students with a relevant and practical understanding of the physical, historical, and cultural factors that have shaped the nations of the world. These concepts are essential tools in understanding and interpreting the conflicts, interactions and economic forces that shape our world today. The course will include a study of physical and political geography, regional cultures, and world history.

U.S. Government
In U.S. government students will focus on interpreting the U.S. Constitution and analyzing the three branches of our federal system. The role of government at the international, national, state, and local levels will also be examined. We will explore the corresponding obligations and responsibilities of citizenship with an investigation of the Bill of Rights

U.S. History:
U.S. history is designed to have students investigate the cultural, political, and economic events and circumstances that shaped the United States from Reconstruction through the current issues of the 21st  century. As our world becomes more connected it is valuable for US citizens to have an awareness of how our national position in the world was established therefore, we will discuss how and why the United States developed into the nation that it is. By learning our nation’s history we all will have a better understanding of our place in the world.

Current Social Issues:

Current Social Issues is designed to give practical lifestyle information that enables students to contemplate and discuss the topics and sentiments effecting our society and economy. Many of these issues are very controversial within our country today. Units of study include Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Including the debate over marijuana legalization); The Legal System & Crime; Immigration; Consumer Issues & the Economy; Minority Issues; Same Sex Marriage; Gun Control; and Ethical Issues of Modern Medical Technology. The study of Current Events is also intertwined throughout the course. This class is not designed to identify which side of an issue is right and which is wrong. The intention is to clarify positions, remove misconceptions, and assist the student in making informed decisions.

Course Syllabi and Procedures

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