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The new year is an excellent opportunity for people to take a step back and reflect upon the priorities of life, and recommit and refocus to assure that appropriate effort, time, and resources are committed to these priorities. Even though it falls in the middle of the school year the new year offers parents and staff a new beginning in which we can rededicate ourselves to our joint responsibility of educating young people. In the spirit of new beginnings, I ask that we recommit ourselves to the following behaviors which will enhance the learning environment in our school and the quality of the educational program your child will receive.


As educators we need to let you know what is happening at the school and the specific progress, activities, strengths, and needs related to your child. In addition we want you to know that all of your questions and suggestions are welcomed.


One of the most important things a young person receives in a day is individual attention. We pledge to treat your child as a unique individual spending as much quality time with him/her as is possible in the classroom situation. In return we ask that parents take time to become directly involved in their child’s homework and learning activities in the home. Direct parental involvement remains the single most important factor in the success of young people in school.


Educators would like to be perfect or close to it, but we aren’t. We may have a lapse of judgment, ineffectiveness in the classroom, bad days, etc. When we do we ask only that you’ll give us the benefit of the doubt so that we can get back on track and continue the important work with your child. Likewise we understand that the role of the parent is one of the most difficult roles any of us undertakes in life. If there are days when our needs and requests of you have a lower priority or times when you have a “bad day” we promise to keep everything in perspective!


Finally, we need to recommit our support to each other in our roles of educating young people. Educators rely on parents to demonstrate support of our efforts. As educators we can support parents by listening closely to what it is they expect of the school and the educators who serve them. In this way we can introduce and reinforce the skills, concepts, and values which the parents we serve deem important.

On behalf of the district staff, we dedicate and rededicate ourselves to a positive, productive, and successful “new” school year. We hope that you, our parents, join us in this commitment. With mutual communication, effort, understanding and support, success for our students and children is greatly enhanced.

Dennis Raabe

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