District Administrator

March “Our Friend the Leprechaun”
Dear Parents,
Last night, while working late in my office I heard a most unusual sound coming from
somewhere within the room. I put my work aside and listened intently. After several
minutes I pinpointed the sound emanating from the bottom drawer of a small bureau
that sits in the corner of my office. Not knowing what could have been making the sound
I carefully pulled the drawer open, ever so slightly so that only the thinnest bit of light
from the room entered the drawer enabling me to peek within. Imagine my surprise
when among the rolls of tape and boxes of staples which were tossed in the drawer I
observed a Leprechaun playing on a small fiddle and singing softly to himself. While
others might have believed that their eyes were playing tricks upon them I had been
waiting for such an opportunity for a long time and reacted instinctively. Even those who
are vaguely aware of Leprechauns know that if one is caught he or she must grant his
captor three wishes. With reflexes so quick that they surprised even me, and catching
the Leprechaun off guard, I was able to pull the drawer open, thrust my hand into the
darkness, and with more luck than skill caught the Leprechaun by his shirt tail with the
very tip of my fingers. Pulling out the Leprechaun, wiggling and screaming to be let go, I
immediately asked for my three wishes as a condition of his release. Much to my
surprise he settled down and agreed to my terms. To my complete shock he suggested
that whatever I wished for would be granted not only to myself but also to the parents of
the children of the Fall River School District as he had been living rent free on the
premises for some time. You’ll be happy to know that I requested the same wishes
many of you would wish for – unlimited happiness, all the riches of the world, and life
eternal. Without hesitation the Leprechaun granted us our wish! The Leprechaun told
me that if I let him go I would find a package in my top desk drawer which contained all
three wishes. “Leprechaun honor” he said. Knowing that you never question a
Leprechaun’s word I let him go and he scampered out my door to parts unknown. True
to his words he left a surprising small package, for such grandiose wishes, in my top
desk drawer. Written upon the package was a reminder to share the great wealth within
with you. So…..
In the package was a simple piece of paper upon which was written the following
words…”Go home and hug your children and show your love every day. The love you
will receive in turn will bring you unlimited happiness, exceed all the riches of the world,
and will live on beyond the limits of your own mortality”. The Leprechaun was a pretty
wise fellow even if he wasn’t much of a musician. I hope you make the most of the three
wishes you were granted.
Dennis Raabe, Interim Superintendent
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