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Nancy Esveld

Welcome to the Fall River School Gifted and Talented webpage. You will be able to find information here about the philosophy behind the G/T program here in Fall River.  It is our mission to provide instruction that will foster academic, intellectual, creative and social growth for every student here at Fall River.  The G/T department dedicates itself to providing extended, above-level opportunities to students who have shown that their abilities are considerably above the average of their classmates, so that they can learn to embrace challenge and experience the thrill of overcoming challenges.  We provide special services to all students in grades Kindergarten through 12.

About me  My name is Nancy Esveld and I'm a native of Wisconsin, with teaching experience both here and in Minnesota. The U of M-Twin Cities is my alma-mater, with a degree in Elementary Education and a double concentration in Science and Dutch Language and Culture.  I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Karen Rogers, a well-known author on the education of gifted students, and of being mentored in the Gifted and Talented field in the Minnetonka School District.  Classroom teaching has been my occupation for many years, including experience in grades 1 to 4, as well as being a Gifted-Cluster Classroom Teacher.  I enjoy sharing my love of reading, writing, nature and travel with my students, and I try to incorporate their interests and strengths into our learning.

Special Opportunities There are several special opportunities that are open to all of our students, which give interested students a chance to strive for higher levels of challenge, and sometimes earn tangible awards.  These events occur at different times throughout the year, and some of the events lead to additional levels of competition.

*Scripps Spelling Bee, Grades 1-8. All students invited to participate, with the top 2 spellers in Elementary school moving on to the CESA 5 Spelling Bee. The top speller in Middle School moves on to the SCRIPPS regional bee.

*National Geography Bee, Grades 4-8.  All students in grades 4-8 may participate.  School winner participates in written qualifier for the State Geography Bee.

*Math 24, Grades 4-8.  Any interested student may compete for a spot on the traveling team.

*Math Team, Grades 5-8. Teams compete in various aspects of math, including a team problem solving component,

*August Derleth Young Writer's Conference, Grades 3-6.  Poetry, Personal Narrative, or Persuasive  Writing contest, with winning entries qualifying for the Conference, which is held in May. 

*Battle of the Books, grades 4-12.  State-wide competition using a specified list of 20 timely books.

*STEM special interest class, made up of 5th grade students, meets once a week.  This year's project focuses on prosthetics.  Students are doing research on a number of topics within this fascinating area of study, and are collaboratively working to present their findings to a panel of "board members" of a hypothetical company.  Then, the group will work to create a prosthetic that will support weight for a hypothetical child with a below-knee amputation, using materials that are commonly found around home and school. 

National Geographic Giant Floor Map
Thanks to the Fall River Parent Support Group, our students had the opportunity to explore the continent of Europe in a unique way.  Our school was home to a 30 x 28 foot map of Europe, large and durable enough for an entire class of students to explore, all at the same time, in their stockinged feet!  With special activities designed by the National Geographic Society, students learned about the use of symbols on a map, destinations, borders, land forms, countries and bodies of water in Europe.  I had the pleasure of leading our Elementary students and some Middle school students through several exploratory activities, and many of the Middle and High school kids were also able to experience history and geography lessons with Mr. Schultz and Mr. Slinde with a fresh perspective.

Fall River's Joshua Frank becomes the 2015 Wisconsin State Geography Bee Champion

For the 4th year in row, Josh Frank not only won the School Championship, but he qualified via a written test as one of  the top 100 students in the state during this year's Geo Bee. Ever since he was old enough to compete, Josh has qualified for the State competition, but this year, he made it to the top 10 finals, eventually winning the championship and an all-expense paid 5 day trip to Washington DC in order to compete at the national competition in May.  Along with the other state champions, Josh wrote a 200 word essay nominating a teacher who has supported and encouraged his study of Geography.  National Geographic Society selected 5 of these teachers as the winners of a trip to the National Competition in May.  I was honored when National Geographic Society contacted me to invite me to the event, and I'm so proud of Joshua for all the work he has done to prepare himself for this challenging opportunity.

Frequently asked Questions

Q:  How do students become involved with the Gifted and Talented Program?

A:  Students may be nominated by their classroom teacher, by a parent, or self-nominated. The student's achievement in class, test scores, portfolio of work, and teacher's recommendation are all factored into the decision to offer G/T servicing to any student.