Program Components


Our counseling staff collaborate with teachers to provide counseling curriculum in a developmental manner to all students.  The purpose is to increase student awareness, skill development, and an understanding of the skills needed to be successful in every day life.  The focus is on Academic, Personal/Social, and Career Development. Our curriculum is based on the guidelines set forth by the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

Individual Student Planning

Our program assists students in planning and becoming more aware of their Academic, Personal/Social, and Career development through individual counseling, small group conferencing and classroom lessons.  This includes exploring the connection between educational opportunities and personal interests, skills, and abilities.  This also includes the development of study skills and providing experiences to promote life-long learning.

Responsive Services

Our program addresses the immediate concerns of students through individual and small group counseling, consultation, and referral.  Some areas addressed might include academic concerns, school attendance, friendship issues, grief and loss, coping with stress or anxiety, and family issues.

System Support

Our staff works together with all school personnel to ensure the success of all students.  This may include consultation with teachers, the school principal or school nurse in order to help support a student.  Other areas addressed include parent education, staff development, school improvement planning, professional development and community outreach.

Program Advantages

  • Acquire life long learning skills
  • Develop academic preparation for post- secondary options
  • Connect family, school, community and work
  • Understand diversity, inclusiveness, and fairness
  • Make decisions, set and achieve goals
  • Use safety and wellness skills
  • Make informed career decisions
  • Connect educational achievement and career development
  • Manage strategies for future career success and satisfaction