All classrooms provide a variety of differentiation methods. These methods may be in the form of extension work and/or choice activities. Alternative assignments may be given, and rubrics are often used to help guide a student. Advanced learners may receive different work, not “more” work.  However, sometimes it is difficult to determine how long it will take an advanced learner to complete an activity. The focus of the Learning Support Teacher/Instructional Coach is to assist teachers to meet the needs of the students in the classroom.  Still, there are times when he/she will work with a small group of students to prepare for an upcoming event.


All students in the Fall River School District have a WIN time. WIN stands for “What I Need”. During this time, students in the “Inspire” program will work with a classroom teacher in an enrichment setting. These classes range by grade level, but incorporate higher level learning skills in cluster groups. These groups are flexible, based on subject matter, data, and student motivation.