We are Live!!!!! Take a look at our live view of the ongoing Referendum construction on Prairie Street at the link below.
Prairie Street Complex - Referendum Progress - Live link

We are very excited as a District that the referendum vote turned out favorably. In the upcoming months there will be many things taking place throughout the District. Thank you to everyone for your support - we could not have done this without you! Strong Schools = Strong Community.

Our goal is to help every student achieve to their fullest potential. We will continue to work to offer valuable programs and opportunities for our students and families in a District that we are proud to be a part of, and continue to work to attract families to our community. Thank you again and Go Pirates!

The Fall River School District has selected to go with Nicholas and Associates Inc. as for its contractor and is also teaming with Oliver Construction. The District received a S & P Global Rating of "AA-" for the school improvement bonds to be issued. This rating is reflective of the assessment of several factors, including:

  • Enrollment projections
  • Very strong reserves (i.e. - Strong Fund Balance)
  • Good incomes and strong wealth levels 
  • General factors - Economy, Finances, Management, Debt, and District Outlook

The District went to competitive bid for a rating for the issuance of bonds and secured a rating of 3.34% - much lower than the 4.25% rate that was publicized for the referendum vote. This equates to a drop in projected mill rate from the previously advertised $77 per $100,000 of equalized value to $66 per $100,000 of equalized value. 

Additionally, the District has the ability to include a half-gym and artificial turf within the scope of the project (in partnership with Nicholas and Associates and Oliver Construction) at a rate lower than the original project cost without turf.

Here are the latest building drawings!

Upcoming Building and Grounds Meetings will be held on Thursdays at 1:30 pm - Meetings will be held at the Prairie Street Complex Site unless otherwise indicated.

For Individual trade bids will be received for the following construction work:

Bidding information for the current bid package is available in the Columbus Journal the Daily Reporter. It appears in the public bid notices and advertisement for bids sections.

Current Bid Information: 

CM information: