What is PI 26?

Chapter PI-26 is the legislation in the State of Wisconsin that requires every school district to provide academic and career planning services to pupils enrolled in grades 6 to 12 in the school district beginning in the 2017−18 school year. This chapter establishes the requirements for education for employment programs. The purpose of education for employment programs is to do all of the following:

(a) Prepare elementary and secondary pupils for future employment.
(b) Ensure technological literacy; to promote lifelong learning.
(c) Promote good citizenship.
(d) Promote cooperation among business, industry, labor, post-secondary
schools, public schools.
(e) Establish a role for public schools in the economic development of Wisconsin.

Labor Market Analysis

Students use Career Cruising to review labor market data through the Academic and Career Planning process.


Goals and Long Range Planning
  • Place a high degree of priority on infusing soft skills into all 4K-12 curriculum and instructional approaches
  • Engage students in the application of the skills, knowledge, behaviors and expertise necessary to succeed in work and in life in the 21st century
  • Developing self-directed learners who think creatively, work collaboratively with others, and reason conceptually to solve important issues on a global scale
  • ACP process refinement with emphasis on portfolio completion, expanding community and industry connections and broadening parent involvement

IEP student transition teams will have access to student ACP's through the Career Cruising portals. All other components of the E4E Plan can be found throughout the Academic and Career Center Website.

Fall River Board of Education Approval 10/18/2017