It is our vision to help each student achieve to the fullest potential.


The Fall River School District, in partnership with family and communities, will provide opportunities in a safe and challenging environment to empower students to be respectful, resourceful, and responsible citizens who are able to succeed in the global community of the 21st century. 

In pursuit of this mission, the Fall River School District will…

  • Provide a safe learning environment.

  • Deliver a comprehensive educational program. 

  • Address the needs of every student.

  • Teach good citizenship and respect for self and others.

  • Partner with the families of students and other members of the community.


Making Decisions: We believe that decisions should be made in the best interests of all students and their families in the Fall River School District.

Safe Learning Environment: We believe that providing a safe learning environment, free from verbal or physical threats and attacks, is critical to the well-being of our students.

Shared Responsibility: We believe that education is the shared responsibility of the individual, family, peer group, school, community, business, and society.

Rights and Responsibilities: We believe that we must set standards of honesty, integrity, dignity, respect, and honor; however, people are ultimately responsible for their own behavior.

Comprehensive Education: We believe in providing classroom curriculum and instruction, along with co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, that help students grow into well-rounded people.

Effective Employees: We believe that every adult in the school environment impacts students’ success, making recruitment, staff development, and retention of effective employees a priority.

Fiscal Responsibility: We believe in maintaining fiscal responsibility to our district residents by operating within our budget, planning for the future, and using available resources effectively.

Commitment and Perseverance: We believe in modeling and instilling that achievement requires dedication and education. Setbacks are part of the learning process; setting goals brings results. Involvement is a choice and a responsibility. Perseverance reaps rewards.