1. Pushing, hitting, littering, shouting, tripping, fighting, smoking or the use of profane language are prohibited on the bus.

  2. Please remember that all objects and body parts need to stay inside the bus windows at all times. There should be no shouting or yelling out the windows at any time.

  3. Eating and drinking on the bus is granted only when the driver permits it.

  4. The back seat of the bus is to be used only when no other seating is available and this must be approved by the bus driver.

  5. Be ready when the bus arrives, so as not to inconvenience others on your route.

  6. Stay seated at all times when the bus is moving and no head/hands are to be out of the bus windows.

  7. Listen to the directions of the bus driver. Consequences (including bus suspension) will be issued for failing to follow the bus rules.

  8. All students are to be quiet at all railroad crossings.

  9. Students who ride a bus to an extra-curricular activity must return on the bus unless permission has been granted by the principal, or the parent speaks to the coach on the night of the event and signs the student out to ride home with a parent.

  10. Students will be dropped off at their home, unless a parent note directs a driver to deliver the child to another drop point on the regular bus run.

  11. Any students not intended on riding the bus should have a note stating this.

  12. If a guest is riding a bus home with another student, a note or phone call is required from parents/guardians of both parties and that has to be approved by the office and/or administration prior to riding.

  13. Please obey the bus driver’s hand signals when crossing in front of the bus.

  14. Have appropriate plans in case school is dismissed early due to weather (especially for younger children.)

  15. Students are not to pick up mail from their mailbox, when the bus has stopped to drop off a child.

  16. Students will be involved in an unannounced bus drill during the year. This is done to practice safety in the event of a real emergency.