• Complete the STARS referral form  

  • Deliver High Quality Instruction   

  • Analyze data to plan instruction    

  • Incorporate Best Practices into daily instruction  

  • Communicate with parents  

  • Progress Monitor for Tier 2    

  • Differentiate to meet student needs   

  • Administer assessments    

  • Collaborate within grade level teams 

  • Administer Tier 2 Interventions during WIN time             

  • Communicate a clearly defined set of behavior expectations

  • Provide support and in-class training as requested and/or needed 

  • Support teachers at parent conferences

  • Keep intervention logs for fidelity purposes

  • Participate and collaborate with the MLSS Team 

  • Provide behavior breaks

  • Administer Progress Monitoring as necessary 

  • Administer Research-Based Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions with fidelity

  • Provide progress reports to parents at 8 week intervals

  • Manage diagnostic windows  

  • Analyze and share data with all stakeholders

  • Administer further probes to determine specific areas of deficit  

  • Write intervention plans calculating baselines as well as expected rates of improvement               

  • Keep school psychologist informed of student progress 

  • Progress monitor Tier 3 students weekly 

  • Progress monitor Tier 2 students bi-weekly

  • Collaborate with grade level teachers 

  • Communicate with families

  • Schedule student study team meetings

  • Participate and collaborate with the MLSS team

  • Run the MLSS team meetings

  • Provide support and expertise to the MLSS team

  • Give direction when implementing MLSS plans

  • Have general awareness of current academic and behavioral needs in the building 

  • Oversee the MLSS process 

  • Have general awareness of current academic and behavioral needs in the building

  • Understand and support the process and procedures

  • Collaborate with the MLSS team

  • Provide support in classrooms as requested and/or needed 

  • Support Parent Meetings as needed