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(GEDO #2)

GEDO #2 Referral Form & Application


The Fall River High School GED Option #2 (GEDO #2) is an alternative educational program for students who cannot complete the graduation requirements but still desire to earn a HS diploma. Unlike other alternative programs, students completing the GEDO #2 requirements will earn a high school diploma rather than the general equivalency degree or high school equivalency degree offered by most alternative programs.



Students must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Pass the TABE’s reading test at the 9th grade level or higher

  • Be at least 1 year behind in credits

  • Fall River High School enrolled students will be referred by a Building Consultation Team, a teacher(s) or administration

  • Students from other districts must complete application for admission

  • Enter the program voluntarily with parental consent

  • Interview with the Building Consultation Team

  • Be accepted for admission

  • Sign an official contract

**Admission is by appointment only.


  • Daily attendance is required.(3 hours per day Monday –Friday for a total of 15 hours a week.)

  • Any excused absence must be called in directly to the district attendance line at 920-484-3333 x 226 by a parent or guardian.

  • A 90% minimum attendance requirement.

  • Failure to attend class may result in any of the following:

  • Truancy tickets

  • Suspension from the program

  • Additional community service hours (1 hr. for each missed hour.)

  • Not being allowed to test

  • Termination from the program

When a student has successfully completed 4 of the 5 GED tests and all other program requirements, class hours may be reduced. Any reduction of class hours must correspond with an increase in employment hours.

Daily Schedule

The class will meet for approximately three hours daily at the Fall River Prairie Street Classroom. Students will be expected to participate in group activities and discussions. Time will be set aside for individual work where students are expected to spend time reviewing skills necessary for passing GED tests. Students are expected to be responsible and respectful at all times.

Community Service

A minimum of 15 hours of community service must be completed before the final GED test is taken. The GED instructor and/or a Fall River administrator must approve community service hours. Students will need to submit verification forms once service hours have been completed. All students are expected to participate in any group community service opportunities that are planned by the GEDO #2 instructor.


Students must study for, take, and pass the five (5) GED subject area exams in the following areas:

  • Social Studies

  • English (reading)

  • Science

  • English (writing)

  • Mathematics

A score of 410 is needed to pass each test. The total score of all 5 tests must be 2250 or more.

Students must make reasonable progress to continue in program. The GEDO #2 instructor will determine reasonable progress based on student needs and requirements.

Students will be required to attend an Orientation session at MATC before taking the GED tests. Generally they are held at 1:00 on Tuesday afternoons.

All tests are taken at MATC at the Commercial Ave. campus. On test days students need to arrive at school before the regularly scheduled class time. The school will provide all transportation to and from testing site.

In addition to passing all 5 GED tests, students will complete the following:

  • State Civics Test

  • Health (unless ½ credit has been earned)

  • Employability Skills

  • Career Planning

  • Community Service

  • Life Skills

The Employability Skills, Civics and all community service hours must be completed by May 1st or six weeks prior to taking your last test.


Students will be required to work in a paid position for 20 hours per week. It is the student’s responsibility to bring in work schedules or pay stubs to verify employment hours. Calls will be made to employers periodically to check on job performance.

Program Completion/Graduation

All program requirements must be completed before the final GED test is taken. Students completing the program will earn a High School diploma and may participate in graduation ceremonies.


  • No student will remain in the program for more than three (3) consecutive semesters.

  • By state law, students may take the final GED test until the end of the semester in which you turn 18.

  • By state law, diplomas cannot be awarded to the students until the class they entered high school with graduates or they turn 18 ½.

  • All Fall River GEDO #2 students are bound by all school rules and policies.Violation of these may result in dismissal from the program.

  • Contracts will be review annually and provisions may be modified.

  • Contracts may be modified or suspended for unacceptable performance, attendance or behavior.

  • If a medical emergency occurs, 911 will be called for immediate care, an ambulance will be called, and you will be notified.