Why do you want to serve on the school board?

What knowledge or special skills do you possess that will help this board and this district serve constituents more effectively?

What do you hope to accomplish during board service?

What are your personal goals for board service?

The following is a list of expectations for school board members:

Knowledge and preparation:

  • Educate myself on the school district, its history, goals, educational programming, current situation(s), problems and needs
  • Keep abreast of national, state, and local trends that affect education and/or the constituents
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the board as a whole, as well as individual board members


  • Act as an advocate for the students keeping in mind the needs of the district and its constituents as a whole
  • Participate in the tasks of the school board
  • Be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable voice for the school district
  • Serve actively on assigned committees, understanding how committees relate to the board
  • Participate in discussions at meetings; ask probing questions and seek relevant answers before voting on issues
  • Report to the board as appropriate
  • Recognize each school board member’s role as a member of the team