To compete and work in the technological and global economy, our labor force will need a more highly skilled, lifelong, educational approach. Students will need to be prepared for this highly demanding future with academic skills as well as positive work ethics and attitudes. The work experience program allows students to have exposure to career fields they may be of interested in order to make informed discussions about their futures. Students are allowed to leave one hour a day (8th & 9th hours) for on-the-job training and also receive school credit for that hour.

To qualify for Work Experience, a student must:

  • Take the PLAN Success class the year prior to participating in work experience

  • Meet with the School Counselor and the STC Coordinator to discuss how that particular job fits with their overall career plans by June 1 for fall semester.

  • For fall semester approval student must have job in place by August 1

  • For spring semester approval student must have job in place by December 1

  • If the student fails to find a suitable job the student will fill his/her schedule with courses by the school registration date.


Youth Apprenticeship is a one or two year program designed to provide juniors and seniors with the opportunity to prepare for a career while still in school. While in the program, students will take high school classes required to meet graduation requirements. They will also have one class each semester in the occupational area of their Youth Apprenticeship Program and on-the-job training. For additional information see the school counselor, the school-to-career coordinator or visit: