John Crombie

Middle-High School Counselor

ext. 228

Krista Ikeda

Elementary School Counselor

ext. 296


Classroom Lessons

  • Elementary Level Classes

Small Groups

  • Learn, develop and practice skills

  • Friendship, social skills, self-esteem, impulse control and others as needed

Individual Counseling

  • *Goal focused

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

  • Referral for Counseling

    *if goals are not achieved within the identified timeline, referrals to outside counseling may be necessary and a list of clinics/therapists will be provided to families.

Parenting Presentations

Varying topics of interest and need may be presented during conferences, family nights, etc.


Anonymous Bullying Report Form

Referral for Counseling


Counseling Clinics/Services

Gaggle for Student Safety

National Center for Homeless Education

National Institute of Mental Health- Children and Adolescent Resources



Our program serves all students K-12. It helps all students gain an understanding of themselves, the world around them, and helps them make meaningful connections between the two. It engages a student's entire support network, including the school counselor, staff, administration, parents and community to be a part of developing the student into a successful, productive citizen. 


Students will achieve their greatest potential.

***If you would like information about scheduling, scholarships or graduation, please contact Amy Liebenthal, our Academic and Career Coordinator.***

Individual Counseling

We offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly brief individual counseling for all students who need that extra support. If the student needs more intensive therapy, I will give outside resources when needed. Please note that if your student is in individual counseling, there will be a permission slip and they will be pulled during their study hall or non core class.

Group Counseling

We offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly group counseling for students who are needing extra support. If you child is in group counseling, you will receive a letter. Your student will be pulled during lunch or recess.

Social Emotional Learning

At Fall River Krista Ikeda teaches Social Skills weekly to 4k to 5th grade. These lessons focus on the SEL wheel. Each lesson is tailored to the students needs and grade level. Learn more about SEL on this website: